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(via The Third Generation Furniture Project Recycles Unwanted Materials Into Quirky Modular Furniture jason lloyd fletcher’s third generation project – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building)
have always loved those crazy tripod lamps. maybe there’s a way to reverse engineer one from unwanted (FAR cheaper) materials?

But, Shriver says, watching his father taught him that it’s often harder to be good than to be great. “And that’s what my dad did incredibly well, and … I hope some of the lessons I’ve learned from him will be helpful not just to me, but to others who are struggling with this dilemma of whether to be great or to be good.”

A Shriver Learns It’s Harder To Be Good Than Great : NPR

think it’s possible to be both - in fact, deeply believe that without the first, you cannot truly be the second. i’m not yet a great person, a history-changing figure for anyone. but i am a deeply good person. it’s tough to overstate how much satisfaction, comfort and solidity there is for me in that.

when i stop treating people well, it means there’s a deeper conflict happening inside me that i need to look at, learn from, and grow through. (i’m actually, now that i think about it, not sure how i’d know what was going on with myself so clearly without that barometer.)



Sharks and Fish
Via The Warholian.

I can’t tell if these sharks are first draft or last pick for the school dodgeball team…either way: standouts. —Daisy
(via Andrew Chase’s Spectacular Steampunk Sculptures Are Crafted from Recycled Metal steampunk sculptures of photographer andrew chase – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building)
love this horse!!
Our Style: I like to call it “rich old lady goes color blind.” (via Veronica & Keith’s Handmade Chic House Tour | Apartment Therapy)
bahahah! that is a style that i can totally get behind.
(via Alexis’ Modern Glass House House Tour | Apartment Therapy)
ha! not entirely my style, but i love this home. i love the sense of humor and the way he plays with scale, and especially the plethora of shared seating arrangements that there are. i just saw graham hill’s tiny-wee treehugger apartment, and last night i was at a dinner party in a beautiful three bedroom home. the thing that both had in common, and that i crave in my own life?
a beautiful dinner table that could seat ten.
it’s becoming increasingly evident that a big part of an abundant life, at least for me, is being able to celebrate and glory in the people i have around me. and, literally: to feed them.
so gorgeous; my heart stopped!

It’s been a fast week, hasn’t it?! This weekend is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic which always proves to be an amazing time, the hats alone make my heart stop! You can follow along with me out there on instagram and viddy!
So here’s hoping you have a fun and passion fueled weekend! 
Above, outtake from this week’s fashion editorial: Mexicali Rose.
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in loooooove with this lamp

Locket tattoo for Jasmin.

(which is to say. i am not going to get this. but IF I DID, it would be gorgeous and elegant and amazing. the danger is that i would wear low cut dresses/be naked all the time, to better appreciate its splendor.)
(via Poke Acupuncture’s New Spot On Melrose Office Tour | Apartment Therapy)
so despite the fact that the man is a bearded hipster who decided to put a bird ALL OVER HIS ACTUAL SKIN… i really love his approach to wellness branding and visualization, and would like to bite a little bit of his style in my own way for my eventual clinic.
(i can’t decide if he’d be handsome without the facial hair? moot point.)
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let’s talk about how i fell in love with this apartment FOR THE PLANTERS. if there is a nerdier thing to admit, i can’t think of it.
(via The Urban Gardener: Indoor Window Gardens | Apartment Therapy)
my heart gave a big fat THUMP when i saw this: i love it so so much. bathroom?
(via Turning a Glass Vase into a Gorgeous Lamp The Thrifty Abode | Apartment Therapy)
i am obsessed with these vases - and now, by jove, i will HAVE ONE. maybe even two!